Enrollment Forms

To enroll your child(ren), the enrollment packet (which consists of 11 pages) will assist you with the process (complete one packet per child).

Additionally, if there are building specific pages required, you will find them listed under elementary, middle or high school registration.

If you are enrolling your child in either the Pre-K program and/or Kindergarten, there are separate packets for each level that are different than the enrollment packet. Please refer to the applicable file for each (Universal Pre-K enrollment packet or Kindergarten packet). [Additionally, you will also need to download the coverlet page for each respective packet.]

An emergency card is required for each of the 3 levels (i.e., elementary, middle and high school). Refer to the building specific section for the appropriate forms, if they are web accessible. Otherwise you will have to complete them at the time of enrollment.

If your middle or high school student plans to play a sport, please download the "Request for Waiver" form as well.