Mentor Protégé

"The purpose of the mentoring requirement is to provide beginning educators in teaching or school building leadership service with support in order to gain skillfulness and more easily make the transition to one’s first professional experience under an Initial certificate. Satisfaction of a mentored experience is one of the requirements individuals must meet in order to qualify for the Professional certificate."

For more information regarding the NYS Guidelines for Implementing District-Based Teacher Mentor Programs, please visit the NYSED webpage or contact the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction's office at 245-4092.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mentoring Requirement

  1. As a new teacher with an Initial certificate, am I supposed to receive one year of mentoring or am I required to mentor another teacher?

  2. Must all teachers holding Initial classroom teaching certificates complete a mentored experience in their first year of teaching in a public school?

  3. Is a school district required to provide mentoring to the newly-certified Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) professionals that they hire?

  4. If a non-public school offers a mentored experience, what is the recommended documentation of such experiences? 

  5. Does a school district need to provide mentoring experiences for per diem substitute teachers it employs who hold Initial certificates?
  6. Is a school district expected to provide mentoring for paraprofessionals in their employ?

  7. What is the relationship between the New York State-mandated mentoring for certification and teacher mentoring required in schools in need of improvement under No Child Left Behind legislation? 

  8. Are non-public schools obligated to provide mentoring experiences for teachers in their employ holding an Initial certificate?

  9. If a district employs teachers who hold Transitional B certificates, is the district required to provide mentoring for these teachers?

  10. What is the principal’s role with respect to the new teacher if the teacher is being served in the mentored program?

  11. Must the mentoring provided to Initial certificate holders be certificate specific—does the mentor need to be certified in the same subject area as the first year teacher to whom they are providing service?

  12. Must mentors be assigned to provide service on a 1:1 ratio with the new teachers in the district?

  13. May districts hire retired teachers as mentors? 

  14. Am I required to complete a mentored experience while teaching with an internship certificate?

  15. An individual has worked in our district for two years under an Internship certificate. Once he obtains his Initial certificate, we plan to retain him in the district. Do we still have to provide mentoring for this teacher since he already has been teaching for two years in our school?

  16. Are charter schools required to provide mentoring experiences for teachers in their employment who are teaching under Initial certificates?

  17. If the district hires a person who holds an Initial teaching certificate as a teaching assistant, is the district required to provide a mentored experience to him or her, if the certificate holder is in the first year of the Initial certificate validity period?

  18. What documentation must a New York State school district maintain regarding the completed mentoring experiences of Initial certificate holders? 

  19. I hold more than one Initial Certificate, (ex: Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2) and Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)). Does one mentoring experience satisfy the requirement for all my Initial certificates?