Update from the Superintendent

Update from the Superintendent
Posted on 03/13/2018
March 13, 2018

Dear Staff, Students and Community Members:

Camden has experienced another social media incident on Monday evening, March 12th. During the evening of March 12th, Camden High School Administration received information about a possible threat on “Snap Chat”. This information was immediately sent to the New York State Police and was investigated. The possible threat was not directly toward our school district, but to our area. The investigation by law enforcement revealed an on-line “Snap Chat” post by a twelve (12) year old male living in Houston, TX, responding to a female student within our school district, who was experiencing a peer conflict.

Law enforcement has determined that, at no time was there a threat to any of our students or staff members. This was a post on “Snap Chat” that was perceived to be a threat toward the school.

I want to thank those that reported this incident and to the State Police and Camden Police for their quick and efficient investigation to this incident.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. Jeffrey K. Bryant, Interim Superintendent