Friday, March 16th Half Day for Students

Friday, March 16th Half Day for Students
Posted on 03/14/2018

New York State Law requires 180 days of instruction to satisfy statutory requirements for all school districts.  The Camden Central School District adopted a 2017-2018 school calendar with 185 days of instruction.  The 185 days includes an additional five (5) days to account for any emergency closings.  Currently, Camden has used six (6) out of their five (5) days, due to inclement weather conditions and other conditions; leaving no emergency closing days for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year. I am recommending we develop a plan to add days to make Camden whole.  Should we need

to close beyond this point, we would be forced to use either a day from our April Break or our Memorial Day Vacation in May.

Make March 16th Full-day Superintendent's Conference Day for staff, a Half day with students. This would provide Camden one (1) additional Emergency Closing Day into our calendar.

We won't exceed  180 days of instruction, but we cannot diminish the 180 days of instruction without a financial penalty on state aid as long as there is a way to build 180 days.  The purpose of this memo is to assist faculty, staff, parents, and students with planning as we begin to implement this plan.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Bryant, Superintendent