Development of a Pre-School Child

A child grows and develops. As parents, we do not always know what to expect. For more information on growth and development please visit the below websites.

There are free printable publications available to parents, teachers and community members on growth and development. Please visit the following websites:

Developmental Domains:

The Central Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) is a resource center for families and professional who are concerned about the growth and development of children from birth to five years of age. If you have questions, please contact them at


Development of the Preschool Child
Below this section you will find a website link to developmental checklists for children birth to five years of age. The checklists were developed by the Early Childhood Direction Center. These checklists cover the following developmental areas:

1. Speech - articulation and sound development

2. Receptive language - understanding language

3. Expressive language - using words to make sentences

4. Fine motor skills - writing, cutting, using eating utensils, manipulating objects, etc.

5. Gross motor skills - running, jumping, skipping, etc.

6. Social/emotional skills - how well children get along with peers and adults

7. Sensory processing - the ability of our brains to receive information through our senses (touch, movement, body awareness, smell, taste, vision and hearing) and use this information to respond to the environment so we can feel comfortable and safe.