Camden Theatre Department proudly presents All The World’s A Stage

Camden Theatre Department proudly presents All The World’s A Stage
Posted on 04/10/2018

     Have you ever wondered what it’s like to audition for a stage role, or how an actor “becomes” the character they’re playing? Well wonder no more, as the Camden Theatre Department proudly presents All The World’s A Stage, two one act comedies, on Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th. Curtain is at 7 PM both nights, and tickets are only $7. This hilarious introduction to life on and off the stage is a show you won’t want to miss!

      The first one act play is an episode from Kurt Vonnegut’s “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Christopher Sergel entitled who am i this time? The story centers on Harry Nash (Harrison Klun), an extremely shy, nondescript and, characterless clerk at a hardware store. In life Harry is a nobody, but once he steps on stage at the local amateur theatre, owned by Miss Sawyer (Emily Pitoniak), and run by her and her assistant Mary (Emily Henderson), he transforms brilliantly into whatever character he portrays. For a performance of “Miss Julie,” the director Newt (Zachery DeLoach) convinces the beautiful Helene (Shannon Birmingham), a shy, passionless employee of the telephone company to audition for the female lead. All her lines fall flat until she reads with Harry, falls in love, and transitions wonderfully into character. The question is which Harry did she fall in love with, the hardware clerk, or the dashing leading man? Come to the play to find out. Adding to the fun is the rest of the Acting Group played by Kaila Golbach-Higgins, Randy Major, Abby Parody, Cheyanne Pelton, Vivian Roser and Mia Willson.

      The second one act play is The Audition by Don Zolidas. This uproarious comedy features Mr. Torrance (Randy Major) as a new high school theatre teacher auditioning students for a production of “A Chorus Line.” Assisting him is Cameron (Zachery DeLoach), the hard pressed Stage Manager. Auditioning for the perfect part is a diverse ensemble of determined students, sometimes egged on by an even more determined “Stage Parent.” They run the gamut from shy to outrageous and diva-like. They are Carrie (Madalyn Johnson), Carrie’s Mother (Emily Henderson), Soleil (Kaila Golbach-Higgins), Elizabeth (Shannon Birmingham), Elizabeth’s Mother (Alexis Manna), Alison (Haley Hinds), Alison’s Father (Evan Youngs), Sarah (Abby Parody), Tommy (Ethan Russell), Yuma (Emily Pitoniak), and Gina (Mia Willson). Rounding out the Chorus of other actors are Desiree Beyel, Madison Collins, Reba Croniser, Ki’a DeLoach, Emily Dimitriadis, Jillian Hanna-Eaker, Shayla Oatman, Cheyanne Pelton, Cassidy Richmond, Vivian Roser, Jacob Symonds, Justin Symonds, and Nathan Warren.

      Behind the scenes are Directors Carla Dombrowski and Stephanie Heath, Production Assistant Chelsea Light, Business Manager Stephen Stelmashuck, and Set Designers Anthony Dombrowski and Nathan Heath. Students behind the scenes include Student Director Kelsey Kubler; Stage Crew and Prop Masters,  Taylor Johnson, Hiedi Leska, Hannah Mooney, Riley Olson, and Sarah Superak; Sound Technician Amber Watkins; Lighting Technician Gabriel Keever; and Makeup and Hair Technicians Asiah Biro, and Paige Vongkhamchanh. So don’t miss this exciting night of sidesplitting entertainment! If you have any questions please contact Carla Dombrowski at or Stephanie Heath at .